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Re: [APD] Goldfish bowls, etc.

Jerry said,

"All the arguments I have heard to date rest in some way on religious, and
usually Biblical, interpretations of the world - which are not logical, but

Most of the world's religions do not base their teachings on the Bible, just
Christianity!  Yep, that's true.  There are other works that support other
belief systems, but I'm sure that you know that.

My apologetics are quite rusty, but I would say that given the basic
assumption that there is a Supreme Being and certain other assumptions, the
teachings of religions naturally follow in a logical manner.  Emotion has
nothing to do with it, although certainly some people get short tempered
when they are discussing it.

Of course, if someone starts with the assumption that there is no Supreme
Being, his logic will lead him in a different direction.  Both assumptions
are equally valid.
Most of the people in the world are theists of one kind or another.

I would be happy to continue this discussion off line if anyone is so
inclined.  I am more interested in finding out what kind of algae I have.


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