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Re: [APD] The hobby these days

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> Isn't it primarily Tom Barr's fault?  Before he started debunking all
> of the well known "facts" involved in aquatic gardening, there were
> always interesting topics to learnedly discuss.  We could spend several
> days discussing methods for removing phosphates from the water to stop
> algae growth, or removing nitrates for the same reason.  Or we could
> discuss how we all target the exact right amount of each fertilizer in
> the water, measuring, remeasuring, calibrating, recalibrating, buying
> test kits, modifying test kits, etc.  I say, let's put the blame where
> it belongs.
> Vaughn H.

So as N and P problems are resolved...
And, as Tom says K was not included in plant structure...
And, as K is surely needed...

How can one reduce the K concentration unless increasing water changes ?


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