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[APD] Harm

Bill D wrote:

> Actually, I think that we should be allowed to do just about anything unless
> there was compelling evidence that it would cause significant harm to others
> or to ourselves.  I doubt that docking a Doberman puppy's tail
> causes him much discomfit, just as circumcising a male baby doesn't, given
> appropriate anesthesia.

But it comes down to defining 'harm' doesn't it?

You may cut off a bit of a person or animal and claim it does them no harm. 
But do we define 'harm' as physical pain at the time. What about when they 
wake up and are sore and in pain?

Do we define 'harm' as being socially or physiologically based as well?

Plenty people buy dyed fish. Even though this process kills a lot of the 
fish before they reach the shops, makes those that do survive sick for 
months afterwards.

Plus it no doubt confuses the other dyed fish due to its colour change if it 
wishes to interact or breed with it. The other dyed fish doesn't know it's 
dyed surely... :-)

Stuart Halliday
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