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Re: [APD] Goldfish bowls, etc.

Derek said. " . . .But then humans are also "any animal  ...  "
Well, I completely disagree with that statement.  Humans are a lot more than
that, and I suspect that a lot of non posters here would agree with that.
But I support your right to express that opinion, without being put down for
doing it.

And, "But regardless, my main point is/was....,who's to judge what any
particular animal really wants?   Taking
a cat by the tail and swinging him around your head is obvious, but a lot of
the things we're talking about appear subjective.  Exactly the kind of thing
that shouldn't be regulated."

Exactly.  I agree.

And Jerry responded to Derek, "Oh well. I'm of the opposite opinion. I think
if there is any realistic doubt whatsoever whether some practice is painful
or cruel, it should be prohibited unless it can be demonstrated that there
is such an overwhelming and compelling benefit that it should be continued
in spite of that. I just can't make myself believe that the principle of
liberty can justify inflicting needless pain and suffering."

Actually, I think that we should be allowed to do just about anything unless
there was compelling evidence that it would cause significant harm to others
or to ourselves.  I doubt that docking a Doberman puppy's tail
causes him much discomfit, just as circumcising a male baby doesn't, given
appropriate anesthesia.

I don't like idea of other people trying to force on me their definition of
"reasonable doubt" and "needless pain and suffering" on others who might
have another opinion.


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