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Re: [APD] New, cheap dark grey substrate

Like Turface, the Profile SoilMaster Select also comes in
the reddish color so popular on baseball infields.

If you take for fish out for exercise, why not teach them
to play a few innings?


--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> Terry Barber wrote:
> > I have the red turface.  Think red brick red.  I also
> have grey which is
> > very dark - close to black when wet.  I'll snap a
> couple of pics tomorrow
> > and email them to you.  I am very happy with turface so
> far.
> Thanks. I am thinking that what I will probably try is
> some sand with a 
> little bit of Turface quick-dry mixed in for some CEC. I
> want to remain 
> somewhat faithful to the appearance of an Amazon
> tributary, and that 
> pretty much rules out dark substrates.

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