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Re: [APD] Gold fish bowls banned

Derek Parr wrote:
> But then humans are also "any animal"  ...  But regardless, my main point 
> is/was....,who's to judge what any particular animal really wants?   Taking 
> a cat by the tail and swinging him around your head is obvious, but a lot 
> of the things we're talking about appear subjective.  Exactly the kind of 
> thing that shouldn't be regulated.

Oh well. I'm of the opposite opinion. I think if there is any realistic 
doubt whatsoever whether some practice is painful or cruel, it should be 
prohibited unless it can be demonstrated that there is such an 
overwhelming and compelling benefit that it should be continued in spite 
of that. I just can't make myself believe that the principle of liberty 
  can justify inflicting needless pain and suffering.

To each his own.

Jerry Baker
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