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Re: [APD] New, cheap dark grey substrate

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
>  From Tom Barr's website, http://www.barrreport.com  I learned that 
> there is a dark grey fracted clay material similar to Turface, but a 
> better color, available now.  The best part is that the distributer 
> will sell single bags of it for pick up at the local distributer for 
> zero shipping cost!  It is "Pro's Choice Soilmaster Select (Charcoal).  
> It is sold for use on golf courses as a soil amendment/mulch.   

Post pictures please. I just went to look at some Turface today. It 
doesn't look too bad when wet, but it's an odd color for a substrate - a 
kind of golden brown when wet. I'm still trying to find a local place 
that carries Turface red to see how red it is. I'm hoping it's just a 
darker brown with some red to it rather than something like brick red.

Jerry Baker
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