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[APD] New, cheap dark grey substrate

 From Tom Barr's website, http://www.barrreport.com  I learned that 
there is a dark grey fracted clay material similar to Turface, but a 
better color, available now.  The best part is that the distributer 
will sell single bags of it for pick up at the local distributer for 
zero shipping cost!  It is "Pro's Choice Soilmaster Select (Charcoal).  
It is sold for use on golf courses as a soil amendment/mulch.   
Fortunately I have a local distributer only ten miles from me, so I 
just ordered a 50 pound bag - total cost about $17!!  At that price I 
can afford to play around with it, and if it doesn't seem to be what I 
want I can use it on my flower garden.  I will be picking it up next 
Tuesday.  And, my aquarium should be ready to set up in about two weeks 
-  at last!!  Now, I think I am braced for any bad news, if anyone has 
some negative experience with this stuff.

Vaughn H.

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