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Re: [APD] Gold fish bowls banned

>Don't dogs use their tails to indicate to other dogs social behaviour over a 

I have no idea....

> Same goes for fish,  am I a big enough snob to tell the fish to not get 
>> dyed like his fav rock star?  Maybe he wants to be pink.   :)
>But should we have the right to subject any animal to needless pain in doing 

But then humans are also "any animal"  ...  But regardless, my main point 
is/was....,who's to judge what any particular animal really wants?   Taking 
a cat by the tail and swinging him around your head is obvious, but a lot 
of the things we're talking about appear subjective.  Exactly the kind of 
thing that shouldn't be regulated.

I hope i've made myself clear because i'm dropping it now.
-derek parr
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