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[APD] Green water vs. green surface pond scum.

Hi everyone,
Had something happen for the first time since I started keeping planted
tanks about 8 years ago. I have a relatively new tank, 120 gallons (48" x
24"), lit by 2 x 175 watt 6500K Halides. The tank developed a surface only
green algae pond scum looking stuff. I have had green water on a few
occaisions, but this was a first for me. Looks just like the pond scum you
see on ponds and the like in the summer. Fish and plants growing well
underneath it, and the water below the surface was very clear.

I have had an A. Ulvaceous flower and a mystery Apon I got from Singapore
flower all at the same time. I wondered if the gradual degeneration of the
flowers and release of pollen started or caused this? The tank is glass

The tank gets TMG micros/macros via peristaltic dosing pump at the rate
recommended on the bottle and has CO2 Cannister injection.

I put an overflow an the tank and added water to get the surface scum off
and then put a HOT Magnum to get any leftover scum, so it is looking good

Anyone here ever had just surface scum with clear water underneath like
this? This is a first for me.


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