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Re: [APD] Goldfish bowls banned

Unfortunatly we have a server down.   Does it actually specify what
kind/size gold fish bowl is banned.

Admittidly if it doesn't specify, that leaves it pretty vague and could
include any container containing live fish.  Could yall clarify what exactly
is banned for the "temporarilly" web disabled?

And just to actualy make this post SOMEWHAT fit the list (whodathunkit), was
wondering if anyone has tried those Jebo compact flouresents (sp?) Been
seeing some pretty tempting prices on those units and was wondering if they
are any good.  From what I've been told, the Aetnic light that it comes with
won't do a thing to help improve plants, but that's easily replaced.

Also, was wondering about algae.  not the standard how to get rid of it.
The glass lid has been quite successful in getting what is for lack of a
better word, an algae bubble growing on it (undoubtedly from the
condensasion as well as the bubbleing fromthe large bubble wall on the back
of the tank).  It doesn't really bother me as I kind of like the odd green
glow it gives the tank and the room  when it forms and is pretty easy to get
off (just wipe with a paper towel.)  Was wondering instead of cleaning it
off every now and then would it be ok just to knock it into the water and
let my plecs have at it?

Thans in advance for yall's reply.


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