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Re: [APD] Plus points

Yes, Edison pushed the DC is safer than AC thing back when
he had lots of patents for DC power generation and power
distribution and nothing for AC.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each but being
generally safer than the other isn't one for either holds
over the other. As Adrew pointed out, what one gains in
voltage reduction, one offsets with increase in current.
There are also diffs in how they conduct -- higher freqs
tend to travel on the conductor surface (aka, the skin
effect) rather than in it.

Paint on lights, great if they ever go into production and
do something better than existing devices. But I'm still
waiting for the magic headlights that will "melt" the fog
as you drive along (part of a light bulb manufacturer's
magazine ad campaign in the 1960s). Speaking of vapor,
until it's released to manufacturing, that might be all it
ever is. The future holds many a great promise; but someget
broken when they cross over from future to pastn ;-) 

Otoh, sometimes it's just a matter of more time -- the
fiber optic folks had to make novelty table lamps to keep
their business alive until the medical industry and others
finally caught on to the practical use of the fiber, about
a decade or two after the fiber makers were ready to


--- Andrew McLeod <thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk>

> On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:27:20 +0100, Stuart Halliday
> <stuart at stuarthalliday_com> wrote:
> > Another big plus point will be safely. These will be DC
> powered rather than
> > AC, so no need for high dangerous voltages or broken
> glass hazards.
> > Therefore less of a fire risk.
> I know someone who nearly set fire to their roof
> insulation because they used 'low voltage' lighting...

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