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Re: [APD] Gold fish bowls banned

Bill D wrote:
> I wonder if those extremists who want to impose their ideas of morality on
> others, have a position on male circumcision?  If it's "immoral" to shorten
> the tail of a doberman, why is it OK to mutilate a baby?

You are attempting to compare removing a limb with removing a flap of 
skin. Your argument is weak.

All societies have morals, and those morals are expressed through social 
and political laws. We put people to death who do not share our morals 
about killing people. The difference is the consequence to the victim's 
of your freedom. No victims, no problem. If there are victims when you 
exercise you "freedom", your freedom does not exist, nor should it.

In a more plain-English sense, imposing one's morality on others is 
banning gay marriage, or introducing creationism into public school. A 
different sort of affair than banning your "freedom" to inflict 
unnecessary bodily harm on other living things for no purpose other than 
your own entertainment.

Jerry Baker
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