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Re: [APD] Gold fish bowls banned

> seems pretty dicey to be making laws on such subjectivity.   
> Who's to say 
> what's "mutilation" and what isn't.  Does the dog really mind 
> having hs tail chopped any more than someone with 20 
> piercings?  Do we know if the dog thinks the pain was or was 
> not worth not having twigs sticking in 
> his/her tail?  Have we asked?  What did the dog say?   Woof?
> Same goes for fish,  am I a big enough snob to tell the fish 
> to not get 
> dyed like his fav rock star?  Maybe he wants to be pink.   :)
> - derek parr

There's also the point that many people probably keep their goldfish
bowls in better shape than many keep their aquariums.  Are they going to
start checking everyone's aquarium for water quality?

Nicholas Wise
Asset Information 
LG&E Energy

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