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Re: [APD] treating ich in medication sensitive fish

A year ago, I had a massive ich-festation in my clown loaches (milder in  the 
other fish) because of a heater failure.  Knowing their sensitivity to  
medications, I moved all the fish to a bare tank immediately and raised the temp  
to 85. I filtered it with a whisper hang on.  In the meantime I readied  
another tank with a filter and adjusted the water to 85 also.  As soon  as the fish 
lost most of their white spots I  transferred them all to the second bare 
tank.This removed the  fish from the free swimming stage of the parasite.   Then I 
bleach  sanitized the first bare tank and set it up the same way.   Only  a 
few spots showed up that time and the fish were now behaving better.  I  
repeated it again, and the fish were cured.  I still have them.  No  medication was 
used at all. 
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