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[APD] losing an algea war

I have a forty gallon setup with some moneywort, cabomba, amazon sword and
such. The setup includes twenty fish, averaging about an inch and a half
apiece. I feed them fairly sparingly, once or twice a day, and fertilize the
plants with five or six mL of Kent Freshwater Plant liquid fertilizer. I
have a diy co2 reactor, though efficiency is fairly sporadic. lighting is
eighty watts of fluorescent full spectrum. the fish and plants are all
lively and flourishing, but the problem is the gravel (soil/vermiculite,
gravel then smooth riverbed rocks on top) and plants are blanketed with
several different types of algea. I have a thin brown layer, tufts of tough
blue fibrous algea and a sort of branching tendril type growing all over the
interior of the aquarium. I'd be interested to hear what people have to say
on this sort of thing, I'm obviously fairly new at planted aquariums. It's
obviously some sort of nutrient imbalance, but I'm unsure what my next move

preemptive thanks,
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