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[APD] EI light PAR values

For references:

The EI dosing model was based on 450 micromoles m^2/sec at water
surface. I finally got around to measuring the PAR. Most studies
address about 100-250 micro moles in artificial light. The meter
used is calibrated for either artifical light and sunlight.
It has not escaped my attention that I could also see what
levels and use sunlight might play but that is later. 

I am going to see what the rates are with a higher light level,
around 600-800 micromoles later next year(HQI pendant light over
a small tank). Also, I will be doing some new work with CO2
mist. So this will all tie together well and the data will be
much more accurate and complete (NO3/K, PO4, NH4, Fe, Cu, Mn,
SO4, Ca, Mg, etc). I'm trying to tie it together for a research
project course so that will be nice if it's accepted. I'll kill
several birds with one stone that way(school, research, get paid
for it, reimbusement, as a hobbyist).  

Tom Barr


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