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Re: [APD] Gold fish bowls banned

Thomas Barr wrote:
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20051025/od_uk_nm/oukoe_uk_life_italy_pets
> Parrots in cages are next.

Scotland are planning a major update to our

The Scottish government is claiming this bill will make Scotland have one of 
the most powerful animal protection acts of law in the World.
Well, I don't know about that! :-)

Measures include a Pet shop has to ensure their customer knows the basics on 
how to look after the animal or they can't sell it to them.

(Seemingly shops will get around this by supplying a leaflet to the customer 
which they are asked to read).

Banning the giving of animals as prizes.
In the UK at fairgrounds we see Goldfish and more recently Bettas, in tiny 
plastic bags hanging around the stalls.
Animal lovers in the UK have been complaining for years to get this practise 

No protected animal is allowed to be mutilated.
Will this mean the end of the selling of dyed animals in Scotland?
Hope so.

A pet owner also has to provide basic needs suitable for that animal:
Suitable environment, food and water, allowed to exhibit normal behaviour.

This was to protect dogs and cats from being starved or chained or confined 
to small spaces.

But it applies to all animals owned by people.

So no placing fish in a bare or wrong type of environment tank perhaps?

So goldfish bowls by Interpet and fancy bowls by BiOrb will no doubt be in 
that class.

Here in Scotland there is a famous Edinburgh shop which has a large 
(semi-circle) tropical tank owned by a big name perfume company that has it 
full of Parrot and large Chiclids.

The substrate and objects in it are just dead white coral and more dead 
white coral! Not surprisingly most of the fish has numerous body injuries 
due to sharp edges.
Maybe I should report them to the SSPCA?

Fish Shows to become licensed.
More expense. I fear most amateur shows will just close.

The News on TV is saying that other countries are looking at adopting some 
of this in their own laws. So it could come your way... :-)

is the summary


Stuart Halliday
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