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[APD] Ich

I have found that raising the temp to the mid 80's
(F), adding a 1/4 tsp aquarium salt per gallon, garlic
in food and agressive water changes/vacuuming will
generally get rid of all but the most stubborn
infestations of this parasite. Remember that the
natural cycle of this parasite needs to be "broken"
for true success; the life cycle is aprox. 3 weeks so
agressive homeopathic treatment such as described
above must contineu for at least 4 weeks IMHO to
ensure that you have truely eliminated the problem- I
have also observed that a more acidic environment
helps to weaken the parasite as well... all of these
things won't hurt the plants (unless extremely
delicate or cold temperate species) either :)
Good Luck!

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