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Re: [APD] Help, please!

For treatment I would always try half dose first as it is
very often sufficient. Maintaining good water quality seems
to bear some relationship to avoiding outbreaks.

The banjo should be okay at half dose, provide you have
good water circulation and do large water changes after

I am not familiar with the potential effects on the
elephant nose.

A UV device or diatom filter are less harsh but more
expensive ways of successfully beating an infection in an

--- Marko Listserv <marko_listserv at rogers.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> I know this has nothing to do with plants, but I really
> need help:
> Can I use ich/ick medication in a tank with a Banjo Cat?
> And there's an
> Elephantnose fish, too. I know they say I shouldn't use
> it if I have an
> Elephantnose fish, but can I use half the dose?

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