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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 26, Issue 48

I had diatoms, and then they started growing long and wavy like hair. 
really long, but it was never green to start with. I cant get rid of it. 
the nuisance. i dont even know what it is, cant seem to find a "like" 
picture even in APC's algaefinder.

Thomas Barr wrote:

>Hi Josh, 
>The green alga that you like and many do, is Pithophora.
>Placing large flat stones at a shallow deoth with high current
>and aeration will increase the culture.
>The brown algae is most like diatoms attached to another green
>algae, likely Rhizocolonium.
>Temp variations will cause this in natural systems.
>I'd check around for any dead food etc.
>I'd also try to cultivate the green fur more agressively. 
>This will prevent other species from gaining a foothold.
>Fish waste alone is enough for fertilization.
>Note, you need hard water for darters, they come from limestone 
>based streams(Southeast/south midwest) and this will also help
>to grow the algae you want.
>You did likely change something to get the bloom. 
>I'd add more flow and aeration and keep the tank as cool as you
>can(60F is good for most species, never above 74F).
>The Florida darter is use to 72-73 F.
>Most of the other prefer cool water.
>Same for many nice desirable species of algae.
>Tom Barr
>>Now, though, its starting to turn from the bright green colour
>>to a darker 
>>green, almost brown shade.  I haven't changed anything... I do
>>regular large 
>>water changes, so I can't imagine its using up some nutrient
>>in the water. 
>>Anyone have any ideas on helping it turn back green?  The only
>>difference between "now" and then is that the tank should be
>>cycled by now. 
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