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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 26, Issue 48

Hi Josh, 
The green alga that you like and many do, is Pithophora.
Placing large flat stones at a shallow deoth with high current
and aeration will increase the culture.

The brown algae is most like diatoms attached to another green
algae, likely Rhizocolonium.

Temp variations will cause this in natural systems.
I'd check around for any dead food etc.

I'd also try to cultivate the green fur more agressively. 
This will prevent other species from gaining a foothold.

Fish waste alone is enough for fertilization.
Note, you need hard water for darters, they come from limestone 
based streams(Southeast/south midwest) and this will also help
to grow the algae you want.

You did likely change something to get the bloom. 
I'd add more flow and aeration and keep the tank as cool as you
can(60F is good for most species, never above 74F).

The Florida darter is use to 72-73 F.
Most of the other prefer cool water.
Same for many nice desirable species of algae.

Tom Barr


> Now, though, its starting to turn from the bright green colour
> to a darker 
> green, almost brown shade.  I haven't changed anything... I do
> regular large 
> water changes, so I can't imagine its using up some nutrient
> in the water. 
> Anyone have any ideas on helping it turn back green?  The only
> possible 
> difference between "now" and then is that the tank should be
> cycled by now. 

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