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Re: [APD] Atypical Algae Problem

I wouldn't bet on it as a cure, but like many algae, it
recedes under optimal conditions for higher plants. If it's
the same stuff, it looks like a kind of cladophora but some
have said that's not what it is. A handle of folks went
'round and round about it a couple years ago, even to the
point of sending samples through the mail and the topic of
Intel electronic microscopes coming up. No useful ID came
out of that.

Any, it definitely has good times and bad times, comes and
goes, but never really leaves all the way. Having fooled
around recently with persistently high doses of phosphate
and nitrate (doens't everyone?), ime, it enjoys that

As for being rid of it, cleaning to remove what's present
plus many ancistrus to prevent recurrence comes closest.
But the Ancistrus are not without drawbacks.

Some folks think this stuff is downright attractive and it
certainly lends a texture that isn't otherwise in the
aquarium. Some other folks say, "Ooh, you've got algae."
These latter are the same folks that bring to my attention
such news as that I've just had a haircut, am all wet from
a sudden rainshower, or that the tire I'm removing from my
care is 'flat'. ;-)


--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> So vice versa adding mor potassium can rid you of it?
> Ian

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