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[APD] Atypical Algae Problem

I'm having a terrible algae problem and was hoping you all could help me 
with it.
My algae is turning brown. :(    Seriously !

In my darter tank, I have a couple of large, flat rocks near a powerhead.
When I first put them in there, they had short tufts of greenish algae on 
them.  Under the light of the tank, this algae has grown quite long, and 
turned bright green -- and I like it!  It looks really, really nice and 
gives the fish a nice substrate to play in (plus, some of them will spawn in 

Now, though, its starting to turn from the bright green colour to a darker 
green, almost brown shade.  I haven't changed anything... I do regular large 
water changes, so I can't imagine its using up some nutrient in the water. 
Anyone have any ideas on helping it turn back green?  The only possible 
difference between "now" and then is that the tank should be cycled by now. 
. . . Is this likely teh contributor, and if so, what can I do, short of 
adding ammonia? :)
Joshua L. Wiegert
Native Fish Conservancy Lists Administrator                    JLW at dune_net
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Feel free to contact me by any of the above means for any reason.

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