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Re: [APD] Fish and a Dish

Terry Barber wrote:
> Jerry,
> Just call dish and tell them you want to upgrade your receiver to a PVR
> (that is what they call it).  The program schedules are downloaded from the
> satellite.  The only thing the phone line is for on DISH is for pay per view
> movies.  We don't use that feature anyway - so we keep it unplugged.

I just called them. They told me it's $5 a month if I don't hook it up 
to a land line, and another $5 a month because I don't subscribe to 
their bazillion channel package. It's not worth $10 a month and the cost 
of the PVR (I want to be able to record a show while watching another, 
so I have to buy it).

Jerry Baker
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