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Re: [APD] MH e ballast

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Jerry, the MH e ballast should not make a sound.
> That is one of the advantages compared the rattle of the normal
> ballast(say if you have one in your bedroom).
> I'd send it back and complain about it.
> I used Blue line ballast in the past and had no trouble.

That's about what Icecap told me. They said it should make no sound 
whatsoever. They also suggested that I double check the grounding of the 
fixture to the ballast. That *may* be the problem. First, the fixture 
has three parts - the reflector, the socket mount, and the socket. Each 
of them are electrically isolated from each other because it was 
assembled with rivets over the protective blue plastic, so I am unsure 
which part I should ground. Second, the ballast has no unpainted surface 
upon which to attach a ground. I don't want to scrape paint off a 
ballast only to discover that I need to return it.

This aquarium project has been a disaster every step of the way. Don't 
even ask about trying to paint my stand as it keeps raining on my every 
attempt. ;)

Jerry Baker
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