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Re: [APD] Pogostemon helferi - Downoi

>>I've resisted the temptation to plant downoi because I don't know what the
relatively wide pH swing that I have when doing water changes will do to the
plant. I'd like to hear if anyone has experience with that.<<

Well my experience has been short, but I doubt if a short term pH swing 
would have any affect. If it was too drastic a pH swing your fish would be 
the first to suffer. The link I provided to killies.com also shows pictures 
of them growing emersed at a plant farm in Singapore, which I found 
interesting.  Apparently the site does not allow remote linking so the 
direct picture links I posted did not work, but take a look and you will see 
the difference in appearance. The emersed plants are much larger and the 
leaves wider and undulated. Submersed the leaves to me look more like a 
Crinum calimastratum as far as shape, but the leaves on this plant grow in a 
thick cluster apearing to grow from a crown. This crown or head however can 
become elevated from the substrate on a single stalk. There are various 
theories that certain conditions either keep the head low to the substrate 
or elevated on a stem.

Robert Hudson

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