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Re: [APD] Icecap MH Ballasts and Iwasaki Bulbs

Jerry Baker wrote:
> For posterity: I located a thread elsewhere that complained of similar 
> symptoms. The poster stated that IceCap suggested that "stuff" in the 
> bulb's ignitor could have become stuck and to shake it in the same 
> manner as shaking down a thermometer to loosen it. The poster also 
> stated that IceCap recommended that the ignitor be nearly vertical. I 
> will try both of these techniques when I get home and let the list know 
> of the results.

Neither trick worked. I was able to record the noises so that others 
might tell me if it is normal noise or not.

Ballast firing up:

Ballast hum after running for 30 minutes:

Bulb noise after running for 30 minutes:

Thanks for anyone willing to listen and let me know. I've never had MH 
electronic ballasts before, so I don't know if the noise is normal or not.

Jerry Baker
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