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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator to CO2 tank connection washer

They will be around for quite some time. I saw my first HDTV in Tokyo's 
Ginza back
in '91, maybe '92. They had the 16:9 picture tube but looked like a 
regular TV, no 42"
plasma's back then. I think Japan only had one broadcasting station 
then, with 2 more
being built the following year. These were brands like "Victor," 
"National," with a few
by Sony and NEC. I still don't own an HDTV, I'm hoping my next one will 
be, and it
probably won't be the 42" plasma one, either. Technological advances are 
so much
easier to develop than the infrastructures that support them.

urville wrote:

>Next thing you know....
>"What's a TV?"
>william ruyle wrote:
>>Thanks, Raj, that's the thing under the TV gathering dust:-) Hasn't been 
>>in years, same as the CD player. The DVD player does it all, except 
>>My next one will do even that! I'm one of those that never learned to 
>>a VCR...
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