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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator to CO2 tank connection washer

Thanks, Raj, that's the thing under the TV gathering dust:-) Hasn't been 
in years, same as the CD player. The DVD player does it all, except 
My next one will do even that! I'm one of those that never learned to 
a VCR...

Raj wrote:

>         Thats what Video recorders (old VCRs) are for.
>You can watch what you want whenever you want to!
>They seem to be out of fashion nowadays. We have two,
>my interests clash with the kids, probably true of a lot of
>you.. but US kids probably have a TV in the rooms..
>a no-no in my home!
>>Diabolical! I love those kind...have to see when CSI comes on. I'm down
>>to watching a couple on
>>Sci-fi channel and HBO's ROME, hope they don't conflict.
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