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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator to CO2 tank connection washer

--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> The face of both the regulator connection and the CO2
> tank connection is 
> machined with a small circle indented into the metal. The
> size and shape of 
> the indentation is slightly different on each peice of
> equipment.

Yes, they are intentionally offset to improve the seal.

> Both 
> indentations appear on the washer as a -raised- circle
> after it's been 
> squashed in between. It seems to me that a new washer is
> required at each 
> tank change, particularly since some of the washers don't
> sit inside the 
> connection in the same place each time.

Precisely so. And yet, some folks get a way with it.

> The original
> washer had little 
> shoulders on it that screwed into the threads of the nut
> and presumably 
> kept it in the same place relative to the centerline of
> the connecting 
> faces. 

Maybe, maybe not in the same place but those little
shoulders can make it hard to get the washer out of the

> The new washer supplied by the gas supplier had no
> shoulders and 
> fell off center slightly, making its re-use not a good
> thang to do.

You've got religion!
> I agree, thread gunk should not be used on this type of
> connection.

You're a church elder ;-) Teflon tape is not duct tape.
Duct tape is the only material that should be used on
anything and everything that is broken ;-)

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