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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator to CO2 tank connection washer

The face of both the regulator connection and the CO2 tank connection is 
machined with a small circle indented into the metal. The size and shape of 
the indentation is slightly different on each peice of equipment. Both 
indentations appear on the washer as a -raised- circle after it's been 
squashed in between. It seems to me that a new washer is required at each 
tank change, particularly since some of the washers don't sit inside the 
connection in the same place each time. The original washer had little 
shoulders on it that screwed into the threads of the nut and presumably 
kept it in the same place relative to the centerline of the connecting 
faces. The new washer supplied by the gas supplier had no shoulders and 
fell off center slightly, making its re-use not a good thang to do.

I agree, thread gunk should not be used on this type of connection.


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