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Re: [APD] Pogostemon helferi - Downoi

it's open air that is hard on them. And putting them back into water can 
prompt a bit of a leaf loss, but they bounce back. IME

Robert H wrote:

>I do not know if this plant has been discussed much here before or not, but 
>it has been discussed on other forums where it has been traded and sold on 
>Aquabid for $20 per stem.
>Here are some pics posted on Killies.com
>This plant originally came from Thailand.  Tropica Plants has developed it 
>from culture, and there are commercial growers in Singapore offering it to 
>hobbyists throughout Asia where it is quite popular.  According to these 
>hobbyists the plant can grow under low to very bright light and a nutrient 
>rich bottom seems to be the key.  It is a stem plant, but each stem has a 
>'head" of several leaves. The plant is sold per head. It can be propogated 
>by side shoots. It is reported that the plant is sensitive to sudden changes 
>in conditions, but is otherwise undemanding. Average height submersed is 2 
>to 3 inches, (which is why it is thought of as a foreground plant) but some 
>hobbyists have been able to grow it up to 12" tall.
>Last month I purchased one stem from someone online. It was sent to me by 
>priority mail and took three days to arrive. It then sat in my mail box for 
>three more days! And when I opened it up, the plant was in perfect shape! 
>This test prompted me to order a fairly large number from Singapore. It has 
>never been imported into the USA on a continual basis before.
>You can read the discussion on Killis.com here:
>and here http://aquabotanicwetthumb.infopop.cc/eve
>Robert Hudson
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