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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator to CO2 tank connection washer

Whatever you do, don't gum up the threads with tape or pipe
compound. The threads are not intended to seal; the washer
between the mating surfaces provides the seal. 

There are two types of washers, a fibrous "cardboard-like"
type and a nylon type. Either should work just as well. The
nylon is a littel bit more comressible than the fibrous

While you can usually get away with reusing them --
compressing them a little further each time -- the standard
recommendation is to replace each time.

The washer compresses to fill the joint, however, it is not
resilient, (which is the reason you're not supposed to
reuse them) so very little turning is needed to relieve the
joint tension when you loosen the nut. Once you break the
tension at all, the nut is loose and that is normal --
unless something is gumming up the threads.

I would check that the faces of the two mating surfaces of
the joint are not disfigured in any way that could prevent
a wsher from providing a good seal. I'd check with soapy
water that the joint is not leaking. I'd do this after the
tank was at room temp and within an hour or two of
refilling when the tank is usually colder than normal.
Retightening the nut if necessary but just tight enough to
stop the leak-bubbles. I'd check other joints for leaks. 

Also, I'd check the regulator setting. Sometimes, when a
tank gets low, we keep adjusting the single-stage regulator
to milk that last puff of CO2 out of the bottle. Then we
put on a cold refilled tank and everything looks fine and
we adjust the regulator to what we think is back to the
original setting. Howeever, the tank is cold and the
regulator is still far off the normal setting. Then the
tank warms to room temp, the pressure increases, the safety
valve on the regulator blows open and the tank dumps into
the room.

good luck,

--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> I recently installed a refilled CO2 tank with a new
> washer. It had a slow 
> leak at the regulator/tank connection that was stopped by
> -really- 
> tightening the nut. The other day the CO2 ran empty way
> before its time. 
> Knowing how tight I had it, I was surprised when the
> fitting came loose 
> easily. The only way that could happen was if the new
> washer compressed and 
> made some space to loosen the connection. Are there
> different types/grades 
> of washers to correct this?
> Thanks,
> TW 
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