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Re: [APD] OT George


It's not the sound, it's being INSIDE the beast when it takes off that makes 
it special. I flew transports in the Canadian Military and later commercial 
jts with CP Air. We always envied the jet jocks.

I knew a maintenance chief out at CFB Downsville who used to consider the 
highpoint of his year the CNE Airshow. Most of the participating aircraft 
would operate out of the base and it was an opportunity to get close to the 

Terry Barber wrote:
>My Dad is a 35+ year employee of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.  They had an
>airshow bout 15 years ago that was awesome.  Any model plane with a PW
>engine sat on the airfield.   Got a fly boy to let me sit in the cockpit of
>an F14 - saw one fly with afterburner on....that was loud!

I love that sound. Don't take this as one-upmanship, but an F-14 is
fairly quiet when compared to the B1-B. F-14's, F-18's, F-16's, etc. are
roughly the same loudness to my ear, but the B1-B was completely so far
above and beyond the volume of the smaller fighters that I was taken
aback. It was literally incredible. I didn't even know it was possible
for anything to make that much noise. There just aren't words to
describe it. You *must* find an airshow with a B1-B takeoff.

Jerry Baker

Fish....More than just sushi

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