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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator to CO2 tank connection washer

I assume you know this... but just in case. Some reg's dont take 
secondary washers because the reg has a built in washer, unless thats 
what you meant, and with some of these using a washer on the built in 
washer can cause leaks... IME

Raj wrote:

>Sometimes my 9 Kg (local pub standard size) tank lasts only 3-6 months,
>otherwise it has lasted 2-3 years. I have even used 2 washers at a time.
>Everytime I check the installation joints with soapy water applied with
>a small brush to check for leaks.
>Here you get hard rubber, red fibre, PVC and even Teflon washers. Take a
>sample to the hardware store and see what you can get.
>>I recently installed a refilled CO2 tank with a new washer. It had a slow
>>leak at the regulator/tank connection that was stopped by -really-
>>tightening the nut. The other day the CO2 ran empty way before its time.
>>Knowing how tight I had it, I was surprised when the fitting came loose
>>easily. The only way that could happen was if the new washer compressed and
>>made some space to loosen the connection. Are there different types/grades
>>of washers to correct this?
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