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Re: [APD] Hell Froze over-Redox probes and gas bubbles


         I read somewhere that aquatic plants pump O2 to the roots. I see
pearling from cut stems. I may be mistaken on the mechanism but I am
sure the gurus here will fill us in.

         ORP: I am going to try it too.. you got me curious. One meter I
have with a separate probe. Low end meters have probes integral to
the meter body and therefore not submersible.


>Do you know how to explain O2 in the substrate? I don't use CO2 and never
>see pearling in this tank. What do you think is producing the oxygen?
>Your response to the ORP probe question makes sense to me. Leave it in the
>area for enough time to eliminate the effect of the probe insertion. I'm
>used to taking a reading right away. Thanks.
>Jerry Smith, Bloomingdale, NJ
> >From: Raj <ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in>
> >Subject: Re: [APD] Hell Froze over-Redox probes and gas bubbles
> >
> >Jerry,
> >
> >          Thats O2 bubbles. I have always seen this happen in my tanks
> >for some 10 years. Sometimes huge bubbles burp out of the substrate.
> >Burps take place after noon when O2 reaches saturation. It appears
> >related to pearling..
> >
> >          About ORP, if a probe tip is buried for some hours or a  day
> >should read near about the value.
> >
> >Raj
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Raj, vu2zap
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