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Re: [APD] float switches/overflow prevention

I think the best form of prevention is to have a sufficient overflow around
the standpipe with plenty of overflow area. That way lots of plants can
accumulate and won't clog anything. However if you are still paranoid, you
could hook up a float switch. You can get them from lots of sources
autotopoff.com <http://autotopoff.com>, premiumaquatics, etc. You can also
make your own if you have some electronics knowledge. The switches only cost
about $7 and then you hook it up to a relay that controls your outlet.

Something you should check is to make sure the relay on the float switch you
get can handle the current your pump pulls!

I think if you have a decent size overflow around your standpipe you won't
have any problems with clogging. I too was worried about that stuff when I
first setup a sump, but after having one run for a long time, I realized it
wasn't worth worrying about. Stuff never blocked it enough to stop the flow.

A few generic sump suggestion:

Either have a hole in your pump return to break the siphon in case of power
outage, or leave enough room in your sump for water to siphon out of the
tank into the sump and not overflow it. CHECK VALVES FAIL!

Use a durso standpipe on the drain. This will quiet it down a LOT!

Good luck.

On 10/17/05, jamesdfo <jamesdfo at yahoo_ca> wrote:
> Hello Fellow Plant Fiends ! :) I have been away
> from the list for some time, but am getting ready to
> start up my tank again. After breaking down my 90g
> planted tank back in May of '02 for the move when I
> purchased my house, I am way beyond ready to set it
> all back up. In the meanwhile, I have built myself a
> new tubular aq stand/cabinet, and have added a wet/dry
> filter.My question relates to the risk of
> overflow/flooding. Being as I now have 90g +
> ~15g(approx vol of sump),theoretically, if enough
> plant matter/debris were to plug the return, one could
> have more water entering the aquarium through the
> spraybar than leaving through the standpipe. I would
> be much more secure if I had some sort of float switch
> rigged up to shut down my Rainbow-Lifeguard 1140GPH
> pump should the water level get too high.
> I'm hoping others here have already done something
> along these lines, so any pointers,leads on sourcing
> parts etc, would be most welcome:)
> Thanks in Advance
> James (Western Canada)
> http://www.connect.ab.ca/~jamesdfo/
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