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Re: [APD] OT - To George

Terry Barber wrote:
> Jerry,
> My Dad is a 35+ year employee of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.  They had an
> airshow bout 15 years ago that was awesome.  Any model plane with a PW
> engine sat on the airfield.   Got a fly boy to let me sit in the cockpit of
> an F14 - saw one fly with afterburner on....that was loud!

I love that sound. Don't take this as one-upmanship, but an F-14 is 
fairly quiet when compared to the B1-B. F-14's, F-18's, F-16's, etc. are 
roughly the same loudness to my ear, but the B1-B was completely so far 
above and beyond the volume of the smaller fighters that I was taken 
aback. It was literally incredible. I didn't even know it was possible 
for anything to make that much noise. There just aren't words to 
describe it. You *must* find an airshow with a B1-B takeoff.

Jerry Baker
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