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Re: [APD] Hell Froze over-Redox probes and gas bubbles


         Thats O2 bubbles. I have always seen this happen in my tanks
for some 10 years. Sometimes huge bubbles burp out of the substrate.
Burps take place after noon when O2 reaches saturation. It appears
related to pearling..

         About ORP, if a probe tip is buried for some hours or a  day
should read near about the value.


>Question: When I stir up the gravel I get a lot of bubbles coming out of the
>substrate. I smelled at the water surface and could not detect any H2S
>odor-rotten eggs. I stirred up the substrate and vacuumed about 4 months
>ago. Do you have any guesses as to what this gas is? The roots of the C.
>spiralis are being dug up by a pair of N. lelupi that have spawning
>intentions. The roots look great and no evidence of any blackness in the
>substrate. I used mulm in the substrate as you have suggested when I set
>this tank up.
>Jerry Smith, Bloomingdale, NJ

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