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Re: [APD] Other Hobbies

gbooth at frii_com wrote:
> I am always surprised how many people come to see the aquariums and end up
> spending more time in the basement looking at model trains. I recently had
> a phone conversation with a previous visitor asking me why I didn't show
> him the trains! "Well, ya didn't ask!"

LOL! You're a railfan too? I have a lot of HO stuff, but no layout 
currently. I spend some time dragging the old Canon 20D up to Cajon Pass 
for a day of shooting the BNSF and UP as they go by. I did enjoy going 
out to Ault to watch the UP line when I lived in Fort Collins, but i 
never made it to Moffet Tunnel.

Heh. This is kinda weird. I never imagined.

Jerry Baker
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