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Re: [APD] Java Fern

From: "Matt Wassenhove" <wass29 at qconline_com>

> I know that almost everybody has grown Java fern before.  
> Java Fern can grow to be like 6-8inches right? 

With good conditions, it is only limited by the tank size.  We've had 20"
leaves in a 120g (24" high) tank. 

> How come mine always looks like a bunch of
> little plants all growing on top of each other.  

The spores on the leaves are "hatching" and providing you new plants.  Ours
will get spores on older leaves then new plants will sprout from them.
Maybe the leaf had reached the end of its life and was reproducing. Maybe
your conditions aren't optimum and all the leaves are dying and trying to

Ours are not slow growing plants either. 


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