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Re: [APD] Milwaukee controller and testing of CO2


You bring up a point I never considered... What is the best placement for
the probe? Mine is on the opposite side of the tank from my reactor.


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> After 10 years of no CO2 controller life, I finally acquire 
> mine past July. 
> Since then, life's easier. To know what's up with PH level I 
> just take a glance to the MS 122 display.
> I can look for an industrial PH controller with a greater 
> precision, but I think is a matter of solving a problem with 
> the minimum resources.
> The hysteresis of my system round 0.1.  If values are 
> changing more radically there's an other issue, such as too 
> much gas getting to tank, without the sufficient time to 
> equalize the average value, or the probe is to far from the 
> reactor/difusser. This type of controllers (on/off) enhanced 
> they hysteresis when the error signal is getting earlier to 
> the decision circuit. This is done by slowing down the 
> process or by getting actual values asap.
> Mariano

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