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Re: [APD] lawsuits and the net

>Gee, you go on vacation for two weeks and the world changes.
>A Barr-ster message with line breaks!  What cosmic shift caused
>And maybe only 50% of the messages are off-topic.  Not bad.


I moved to UC Davis and got Firefox.
Now I get to kill, collect and torture all the aquatic weeds I
want. Muhahahaha! And Gary Larson is correct, we do have a final
class in manical laughter. I think I'm a natural. 

And that darn Elatine sp "Yuba" I collected at 2000ft in the
foothills, it's E. triandra. 
It's native tio CA but we got it from Asia first, then grown out
in aquariums and finally it came full circle to find it in the
native range where they got it the first time.

But I found several new pondweeds(6000-7000ft)and several other
cool water plants.
I have not surveyed the vernal pool plants for suitability(we
take only seeds and then we get our stock from there, no
collecting of plants). 
The Alpine habitats are very nice here, many mosses and

Tom Barr



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