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[APD] Cherax blue lobsters

Azgardens.com has been having a special on Cherax Blue Lobsters.  Here's
their account of its temperament:


This is a semi-aggressive omnivore scavenger, that WILL eat all of the left
over food your fish miss, as well as detritus and other waste off the bottom
of your aquarium.  Although this lobster will eat dead or dying fish as
well, it is just too slow to catch healthy fish.  Colors can change from
bright blue or camouflage to a bluish-brown to hide from predators.  We'd
say these lobsters are easy, if not simple, to keep and care for.


Even for a tame crawfish 12" is a tank buster, and their suggesting a
stocking ratio of 1 per 5 gallons or more.  Anyone out there have any
experience with these.  Are they plant pruners?  Do they "Go fishing"
Otherwise I might have just the place for one in my Dutch tank, but I doubt
it based on my own experience with the Florida Blue's in my work tank.  (the
blue and two long arm freshwater prawn eat about 1 out of every 3 fish that
goes in the tank in the first 3 weeks.)  



T. Bently Durant


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