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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 26, Issue 25

> Thomas Barr wrote:
> > A grower today is often a scaper tomorrow.
> Very nicely put.
> -- 
> Stuart Halliday

That's why I focus on the growing aspects.
Like any ecosystem, you start from the base of the food

"Art", aquascapes etc are far less concrete, more subjective,
more difficult to "test", but they can be dissected and
analyzed, but some prefer not to do that.

I am one of those people. I'd rather leave it a raw emotion, a
"feeling" and I believe in democracy in terms of voting for a
winning scape rather than a panel of judges.

Probably always will.

But as a person, say a grower, trys more scapes and finds their
own path that suits their own sense of aesthetic, they evolve. 
You can dissect it and make it a lot more complicated than it
need be, that is for sure, and the same is true for the

Some scoft at the science, some at the art.
I can grow awesome plants without very little knowledge of the
science. Likewise, I can create awesome scapes without knowing
beans about art.

But we can pursue each in a more knowledgable manner, which is
not a bad goal. We become better at the hobby that way.

We all have the capacity to learn more. I had little knowledge
of Killi fish at one point and scofted at them, the same was
true for liverbears, plants even(oh my!), scaping, science,
folks with degrees/titles etc.

I will say ignorance breeds fear.  So the logical path is to
learn about these things so you do understand them and learn
more. Then you face your fear and gain from it.

Do not worry that so and so "knows more", you have time to learn
and get the information and understand it.

So if you feel weak in the science, learn more about it, feel
weak in the art? Learn more about it, and not just reading, try
some things with each at home, you will learn a good deal by
doing and proving to yourself what works and what does not.

That applies to both science and art.

Tom Barr




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