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[APD] Fish Segment on PBS show NOVA!

Diana Walstad aksed me to relay this info to the list and
it is my pleasure to do so. Check your local listings :-)

"The PBS show NOVA Science Now will have a short segment 
on aquarium fish.  They filmed my Rainbowfish tanks and
have an interview with Dr. Greg Lewbart, who is a widely
renowned fish vet.  He'll be the focus of the segment.  
They've also thrown in an interview with a vet student
that keeps Koi. 

Show will be on Tuesday, Oct 18 at 8:00 pm.  The fish
segment part of the show is only about 6 minutes, but it
should be a high quality 6 minutes.  

NOVA producer and his crew spent 5 hours at my place to
film my tanks, so I expect they will have some good
pictures of my tanks and Rainbowfish.

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