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Re: [APD] planted tank art

> --- Bill D <billinet at comcast_net> wrote:
> > And an oldie that had a long run: "The planted aquarium
> > as art" that caused
> > a schism.

Ah, well let's start a different approach and perhaps another

Since many of the severe algae issues are much more understood
and even a person with less than a year of experince can knock
off a nice show winning tank, is not this where the next step
leads us as hobbyists? 

The aesthetic aspects are often desirable to virtually everyone,
even if one lacks the skills, these skills can be acquired with
enough desire.

After being a grower for 2-5-10 years, many folks get tired of
things and want to grow into new areas. Not all, but many do. 
Some seek less work and a nicer look.

So as they do the hobby, the hobby can and does change and
evolve for each person. Some keep different fish for a few years
then move on. Planted tanks are no different.

10 years ago folks were clueless as too what caused what algae.
Things haver radically changed today(at least on the web).
Much more focus has been applied to the health and growth of

So now that folks can grow, that leaves the art aspect much more

This means nicer examples of planted tanks which will encourage
more to enter into the hobby.

So the art and the science both are something to embrace, even
if you do not like Killi fish or scaping with rocks
today..........there is always tomorrow and one could spend many
years trying out all the methods and approaches to keeping a
planted tank.

A grower today is often a scaper tomorrow.

Tom Barr



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