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Re: [APD] Repeated Topics

Scott said:

<< Okay, but now, for sure and absolutely definitely, this is all in the
archives, and now again. Alas, it will be added
again in month or two, but it gets to be a bit more fun
every time. It is, quite possibly, the most recurrent topic
after these slightly more common ones:

Why is there algae? -- I can't belive Norm Crosby didn't
cover this.

Watts per gallon, a nominal or real assessment?

Cryptocrynes, really swords in desguise?

and my favorite

Psycho-optic Philology part I :The color of water in
Part II: the color of buckets in water -- submersibles vs
reimbursables; and
Part III: The color of white water on a bucket?>>

Some other ones are:

Free speech (of course)

The theory and practice of needle valves, aka "Don't get stuck."

The lawsuit, and a subset, "The * from *"

And an oldie that had a long run: "The planted aquarium as art" that caused
a schism.



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