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[APD] NEAPS October meeting

 Just a last minute reminder to everyone in the area that the first meeting for the fall will be this Saturday, Oct 15th from 12:30-2:30  Are all welcome to attend, however, the meeting is a private location so we will not be disclosing the location information publically.  I can say though that the location is a very suitable location in Springfield.  Anyone interested, please contact me, ddeitz4843 at charter_net  or any other NEAPS officer for more information.  An email link to all officers is found on our website, www.ne-aquaticplants.com

This month's meeting will include a presentation on Algae eating shrimp and classification by Dan Linton.  The will be a plant swap so bring your clippings to share.Plants are always traded generously and freely.  Also, a small benifit auction of various products donated by Seachem and ZooMed will follow.  Anyone can participate at the auction but non-members must pay cash, members my pay using either check or later by Paypal.

Hope to see you there! 

Dennis Dietz
President, NEAPS
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